Testimonial by Todd Vanderhoof‚Äč

VKS Whitewater

My name is Todd Vanderhoof and kayaking changed my life. I have been into sports my entire life. Growing up I played college baseball, basketball, surfed, and now mountain bike and rock climb but kayaking is still number one. I started kayaking in my early twenties almost by chance. I went on a sit-on top kayaking trip on the broad river in Athens, Ga. As soon as we hit the first class one rapid I was hooked. By the end I was dragging the 10 foot boat back up each rapid to run them over and over. Shortly after the trip I bought a recreation kayak that was not suited for whitewater and destroyed it in a few weeks. I finally gathered up enough money and did some research and headed over to Go With the Flow in Roswell and bought a real whitewater boat. While there I asked if there was anyone in the area that taught lessons or could at least teach me to roll. I was given a random persons number that never answered. So I taught myself in the beginning before coming across the late great Kayak Instructor Jeff West. With Jeff's help I progressed into the class five range of whitewater kayaking. Since then I have traveled all over the Southeast 


                                playboating and creekboating anything with water. I have traveled to the Pacific Northwest to kayak some of the most classic whitewater in the country. I have also started creek racing and recently raced the Green River Narrows with a time of 6:04. What all of this means is that I understand everything it takes to become a kayaker. From picking out the right boat, finding people to kayak with, where to find river gauges, but also have years of experience to be able to teach the fundamentals and the extremes.